Wednesday, August 12, 2015


My name is Tim Daniels. I am a 34-year-old college student at Santa Monica Community College studying Accounting. I have spent seven and a half years working as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Blizzard Entertainment. After that, I spent two years working as a poker dealer for Los Angeles casinos and charity events. Through my work, I have been inside one of the most significant releases in recent gaming history and involved with private events where the rich and famous go to play.

I have spent considerable time in Indiana and Florida before coming to reside in California. It is my hope to eventually move to Seattle. I work out, read, and try to do good. I feel pretty confident about my future.

I have been through depression. I have struggled with regulating my emotions. I have spent too much time on the internet at the expense of other facets of life and my personal development. Finally, I have my secrets, weaknesses, and missed experiences that some may judge me for. This statement is obvious but worth stressing.

I write these things because anonymity on the internet is sacred for some. It is a shield from outside forces who they fear will gather actionable intelligence on their lives. I share this value of privacy. The internet has taught me how important it is to protect yourself from those who see you as an outlet for or obstacle to their desires and nothing more.

But you can only protect yourself to a certain degree. If someone wanted to find out more about me beyond what I am willing or what would be appropriate to share, I could not stop them. I own my past and am not ashamed.

That said, you can only be taken so seriously when you speak to the world through a handle. Attaching your identity to what you believe in shows others that you are committed and open to discussion and criticism. Simply, you are ready for what comes.

That's the idea, at least!

My hope with this blog is to comment on articles and other developments in culture I and others find interesting. Topics will vary. Eventually, I may take up writing articles for publications. I don't have expectations. I am only concerned with the exercise of writing and where it takes me.

I can be found on Twitter at @MavenACTG and occasionally post on Reddit under the same handle. I have no plans at this time to utilize other social media outlets unless my situation changes.

Let us begin.

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